Provence Love Story

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…my Provence love story: Lavender Days – Love in Provence has been republished on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.Can love last as long as the scent of lavender, transcending time and confounding belief, remaining fresh and fragrant despite the passage of years and all that has gone between?

2nd Edition of Lavender Days, A Provence Love Story

provence love storyThe 2nd edition of my novella set in Jonquerettes in the south of France, Lavender Days – Love in Provence has just been published by Greenwave Editions. I made the ending clearer, and tweaked a few other changes to the original version of the story. I’m pleased to be able to say that this edition is the definitive one, and best represents my original vision. I love the artwork of Nick Castle, and commissioned him to design the striking new cover, so it’s clear at a glance that this is a contemporary romantic novella. Nick also designed the atmospheric cover for my Victorian detective story The Mystery of the Stolen Brides – An Inspector Dearborn Case, published in Little, Brown’s Crime Vault in 2014.

Blind Date

Back in 1993 I hopped on a coach from London to Avignon in the south of France, for what amounted to a blind date with Kathryn, an American lady. She had read an article I had written about my negative experiences with dating agencies in England, and had responded via the magazine which had published it. We enjoyed a magical and unforgettable two weeks together, in and around the beautiful village of Jonquerettes in the heart of Provence’s lavender country.

Leaving Provence

The reasons I had to leave Provence are explored in the story. When I went, Kathryn and her sweet 10-year-old daughter gave me what they described as a ‘care bundle’: a plastic bag of little goodies. The treasures in the bag included sprigs of the lavender which grew in profusion in the sun-drenched garden of the house in Jonquerettes. Astonishingly, when I now put my nose inside that recently rediscovered bag those lavender stalks are still giving off a delicate fragrance which makes my mind swim at the memories evoked of love in Provence. That the scent of that long-ago lavender is still here in the present day, after 21 years, almost as potent as on the day it was picked, seems to me not only marvellous but virtually supernatural. But it’s true.


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Provence Love Story


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