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The Life and Times of a Doctor Who Dummy, published by Greenwave Editions in Kindle format (2014) and in print (February 2015). It describes how the Beatles inspired my first novel, which led to further novel and screenplay authoring, and stints as an animated Doctor Who Dummy (thats me in the picture). Oh, and there’s much more. More Auton anecdotes HERE

The Mystery of the Stolen Brides – An Inspector Dearborn Case, a Victorian detective novel published by Little, Brown Book Group in August 2014. Originally published as A Portrait of Barbara, this story is now revised, with a new ending to establish it in the crime genre, in Little Brown’s Crime Vault.


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books mabel at hastings

books portrait of barbara

The Unmaking of a Britflick is a memoir in diary form. It is a screenwriter’s wryly real viewpoint of how one particular British film got made against a backdrop of cynicism, chicanery, muddle-mindedness and a curious form of madness that appeared to affect almost everyone connected with it. Paralleling the ongoing insanity is the true story of how the writer meets a beautiful ukulele-playing songstress and starts duetting at gigs with her, making complete the overall sense of crazy discovery and confusion.

Mabel at Hastings is a historical teen holiday diary from 1930 with period photographs. A detailed account of Mabel and her best friend Dorrie’s visit to Mabel’s aunt in Hastings, during which Mabel turned 14. A charming cameo, wonderfully evoking the atmosphere of the era. Fascinating reading to compare with teenage holidays today.

A Portrait of Barbara The wildest nightmare will seem tame beside the bizarre and unforgettable climax of this alarming but beautifully written novel. Who is the shadow from the past who stares like a dead man and moves like a ghost? What family secret darkens the family village wedding in the heart of Victorian England? Charlotte, the bride, is plunged into a hell of fear. Far from husband, friends and loved faces she finds herself in an isolated world of shock and putrefaction, enmeshed ever more inextricably in a web of horror, intrigue and dread. Sour ghosts and wraiths undreamed of rise as she gradually discovers the appalling reality behind the baffling silences of her childhood. A revised version of this novel was re-published by Little, Brown Book Group titled The Mystery of the Stolen BridesAn Inspector Dearborn Case. Extracts are from the latter.

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robin squire

Square One
In the long ago, when the world was in black and white and the Beatles were young, I wrote this novel which was published by W.H. Allen & Co in London, and in paperback by the New English Library. It was the first of my books to be published. Taken from the real-life experiences of an ex-manager of a group called ‘The Cyan Three’, the book tells the gritty tale of a photographer who forms a pop group in the hope of fame, but…

Robin Squire has nailed the atmosphere of the Swinging 60s perfectly. I love this story of a vibrant decade that featured hedonism and searching and rebellion and great music!
Pure escapism! Took me right back to that ‘Golden Era’. So many great memories! Excellently written, upbeat – completely swept me along with it. Is there more where this came from?



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