Doctor Who Dummy Paperback

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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A DOCTOR WHO DUMMY IS OUT IN PAPERBACK With The Life and Times of a Doctor Who Dummy paperback out I’ve enjoyed leafing through actual paper pages to revisit those days again, which began in … Continued

John Horton

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Auton Zapped by Shotgun Here’s me as the Auton searching for the Nestene ‘swarm leader’ meteorite at the farmhouse. I’m confronted by a terrified Meg Seeley (Betty Bowden), who threatens to blow a hole in me. Meg fires, and my … Continued

Hot Property Premiere

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The Roadwater Players and HOT PROPERTY Early in February the first read-through by the excellent Roadwater Players took place at their village hall in Somerset, and I was privileged to be there. These lovely people were generous enough to let … Continued