BLOOD ON THE DEW explores the brief affair between a 16-year-old religious African American girl and a married white doctor in the deceptively tranquil small town of Parsonscomb, in 1960s Alabama during the time of segregation. It shows the widespread devastation their passionate but ill-fated union brings, and the shattering consequences to both their lives and those around them under the anti-miscegenation laws current at the time.

The appalling, far-reaching, nail-bitingly tense yet ultimately heart-stirring events lead to the hopefully more enlightened times of the present day, and make a heroine of the girl as she is thrown on her own resources with all the odds against her as the shadow of the lynch-noose and death stalk her.

The story’s resolution brings light where there was darkness and hope where there was only despair, with an upbeat, positive ending in the present day.

Can a 16-year-old girl evade the might of the authorities seeking her out? The packs of dogs and vengeful lynch-mob on her trail?

Her crime was adolescent love. But is she a killer too? The police need to know and, rightly or wrongly, she knows what her fate will be if caught.

But what of the child she bears, in terror and alone, while still pursued by police and vigilantes? Only time can provide the answer, when the child becomes an adult and seeks out her mother where no one else has been able to – as brave and resourceful as the one who birthed her.

Blood on the Dew is a story about inappropriate love and its dire consequences. You will identify with and agonise for the girl with the world against her. But the denouement will warm your heart.

Requirements for Blood on the Dew

Main characters: 2 female (aged 16, 32); 2 male (both mid-30s)

Location: Alabama, USA (1960 and present day)
The screenplay of Blood on the Dew is ready


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Blood on the Dew


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