robin squire screenplaysSome of my screenplays are featured below. They’re ready for directorial input. If you’re a producer, director or production company and the logline is of interest, click on the title for an outline of the plot. If you’d then like to read the script, please contact my literary agent, who will email the full screenplay to you without prejudice.

All scripts are registered with WGA, West.

  • The Tenth Dimension Occult/Sci-Fi. Two hours of fascinating and continually accelerating drama that combines what appears at first to be a ghost hunt with a hard-headed scientific investigation, as two physical time-zones, two thousand years apart, move inexorably towards each other.


  • Little Sweetheart Drama. An elderly Englishman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in a London care home has vividly detailed dreams of his sister from whom he was parted in childhood when she became the world-famous child star ‘Little Sweetheart’ in Hollywood’s silent era. Can the mystery of her disappearance when she visited him in Africa in young adulthood in the 1930s finally be solved before his memory goes forever?

(Coincidentally, the writer recently met in a London care home an elderly American lady who was once Shirley Temple’s screen double: life imitating art?)

  • Bir Hakeim  Reality-based Drama. The tenacious heroic stand of de Gaulle’s Free French Brigade against Axis forces led by Erwin Rommel, at odds of 10-1, at the remote desert defensive ‘box’ of Bir Hakeim during World War II, featuring a moving romance, one woman’s outstanding bravery, and a rousing finale that will have audiences on their feet cheering.


  • Visions of Eternity WW2 Drama. Starts in summer 1939 in Warsaw, Poland, where affable Horst Bauer owns a dyeworks. A German, Horst has long since made Poland his home, the future looks bright and he’s engaged to beautiful Jewish cabaret singer Elzbieta. What follows in war-torn Warsaw is harrowing and deeply moving as the friends meet again under vastly different circumstances. Horst’s abiding love for Elzbieta is tested to the full as German troops close in around them, and the meaning of Jerzy’s previously puzzling visions of the future now becomes clear.


  • Blood on the Dew Love Story/African-American Drama. A story about inappropriate love and its dire consequences. The brief affair between a teenage religious African American girl and a married white doctor in 1960s Alabama during the time of segregation makes a heroine of the girl as she is thrown on her own resources, with all the odds against her. The story’s resolution brings light where there was darkness and hope where there was only despair, with an upbeat, positive ending in the present day.


  • The Dance of the Mantis Family Drama/Adventure.  A young English girl skater, seemingly incurably injured on the ice, becomes fascinated on a visit to Namibia, south west Africa, during the last summer she can get around unaided, by stories of a ‘Medicine Dance’ the original occupants of that land, the Bushmen, once performed and the miraculous cures legend says the dance achieved, leading to a desperate last-minute journey into a desert wilderness based on nothing but hope and belief with a boy who wants to help her, finding love along the way as well as a magical denouement and a marvellous new beginning.


  • Muckers Drama/Fantasy. British squaddie Jamie Bolt, wounded in Afghanistan during battle action, goes into coma as field medics work to save him. In this mysterious subconscious condition Jamie finds himself communicating telepathically with his dying grandfather in England and vicariously reliving the old man’s days as a young National Serviceman in the 1950s. One of them must die – but who?


  • Oscar et Sarah (Short, 15 min.) When a teenaged girl and her father visit the Paris cemetery where Oscar Wilde and Sarah Bernhardt are buried, the daughter makes a symbolic reconciliation between the famous duo, paralleling what she plans to do with her dad and long-estranged mother in the present day.



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