VISIONS OF ETERNITY starts in summer 1939 in Warsaw, Poland, where affable Horst Bauer owns a dyeworks. A German, Horst has long since made Poland his home, the future looks bright and he’s engaged to beautiful Jewish cabaret singer Elzbieta.
As a result of the shock of an industrial accident, Horst’s great Polish friend, Jerzy, suddenly begins experiencing horrifying clairvoyant images of the near future. Jerzy and Elzbieta inconveniently fall in love, and when the Germans bomb Warsaw they escape into the country.

But Elzbieta is pregnant with Horst’s child and, when she gives birth to a daughter, she and Jerzy  determine to seek Horst out, leaving the baby with a neighbour.

What follows in war-torn Warsaw is harrowing and deeply moving as the friends meet again under vastly different circumstances. Horst’s abiding love for Elzbieta is tested to the full as German troops close in around them, and the meaning of Jerzy’s previously puzzling visions of the future now becomes clear.

But love transcends all – even in hell there is heaven to be found…

What survives is beautiful, eternally memorable, inspiring and uplifting…

Requirements for Visions of Eternity

Main characters: 2 male (aged 30 and 27); 1 female (aged 22)
Location: Warsaw and Polish countryside, before and during World War II

The full screenplay of Visions of Eternity is ready


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Visions of Eternity


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