OSCAR et SARAH is a 15-minute short.

During a weekend trip to Paris on the cheap with his 14-year-old daughter, who he brought up as a single parent after her mother left them, a financially hard-up English father and the girl visit the Père Lachaise cemetery where Oscar Wilde and Sarah Bernhardt are buried.

The daughter, who is studying Wilde as part of her school coursework, explains to her dad that after his trial and imprisonment Oscar was devastated to be ostracised by Sarah, who had previously been a dear and valued friend, and that he died without making up.

Oscar et Sarah Reconciled

Now, secretly comparing the famous duo with her father and mother, the daughter makes a symbolic ‘reconciliation’ with flowers between the famous duo – demonstrating that she would like to bring back to her lonely dad the happiness she knows he feels he lost when her mother went. This opens the way for a situation that will bring her mum and dad together as a family again – which she herself cherishes.

The girl’s sensitive, imaginative action expresses her growing awareness of adult feelings and frailties – and shows that her father, while poor in material things, is rich in ways he hadn’t realised.

The full script of Oscar et Sarah is ready


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Oscar et Sarah


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