Dark Ground is an Occult/Sci-Fi screenplay.

When a middle-aged lawyer from Chicago is sent by his company to open an office in Norwich, east England, bringing his writer wife and youngest son aged 17, he purchases a derelict Georgian farmhouse and renovates it as a means of buying into English cultural history. Strange things at once start to happen. The American boy enlists a local college pal and a girl clairvoyant to investigate the inexplicable sounds and spooky occurrences, and what starts as a ghost hunt, when malevolent energies trap them inside the house and try to kill them one by one by playing on their individual fears and phobias, develops into a scientific investigation when it’s realised that two time-zones two thousand years apart are moving towards each other at this particular spot under the bizarre laws of Kaluza’s Tenth Dimension of Reality, with the occupants intended as human sacrifices when the zones finally physically coincide. It’s also a heart-stirring love story that transcends time, with a powerful, terrifying, yet ultimately happy ending.

The screenplay of Dark Ground is downloadable on request. Contact page

Anna Kowalczuk on Dark Ground

Professional scriptreader Anna Kowalczuk, based in New York, just wrote this about the screenplay:

The story is incredibly fun and exciting. The premise of the Druids is intricate and original. The story has a clear beginning, middle and end that cohere fluidly and there’s a great use of filters to help visually distinguish the different timelines, making the storyline clear and easy to follow. This also has the added benefit of creating beautiful and memorable images.

The suitability of the genre is fantastic. The tone is immediately set in the opening flashback where the audience gets a sense that a tragedy has occurred on the farm. The tone is consistently eerie and creates a feeling of constant suspense. The characters are really fun and there is a strong large main cast that will attract strong talent.

The structure works well and there is great use of flashbacks and imagery to help keep the various timelines clear. This is such an enjoyable and exciting draft. The concept of a seemingly haunted house that merges different timelines is really original and creates a strong foundation for interesting plot development and intense twists. The tone is consistent and perfectly appropriate for the genre.

This is a really fun and strong draft of a suspenseful and exciting story.


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