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Mabel is an authentic vintage teenage holiday diary from August 1930, illustrated with selected period photographs.

From Kew To Hastings

Rich in historical observations, it is a detailed account of Mabel and her best friend Dorrie’s summer holiday visit to Mabel’s aunt at the seaside, from their homes in Kew near London. Mabel celebrated her 14th birthday during their stay. It is a charming cameo, wonderfully evoking the atmosphere of the era between the First and Second World Wars: how the girls amused themselves, what they wore, and what they ate.

Teenage Life

The diary makes fascinating reading, enabling teenagers and adults to compare teenage holidays today with those of the 1930s. It is a glimpse into teenage life without smartphones, computer games, Facebook, Twitter and television.

Within five years of the holiday Dorrie would die in tragic cicumstances, and Mabel would be married, with the first of six children on the way.

Mabel’s son, Robin Squire assembled and printedthe book from Mabel’s original handwritten holiday diary. Hastings Library were kind enough to supply a selection of contemporary photographs of the town. Mabel’s appreciative family presented the book to her on her 79th birthday in August 1995, shortly before she died.

Mabel at Hastings is a glimpse of social history, of interest to teenagers today, and all those with an interest in the 1930s.
Paperback on glossy paper, 48 pages, A5 size

Read extracts from Mabel At Hastings HERE


extract from mabel at hastings

Book Details

Mabel At Hastings

Transcribed and edited By Robin Squire
Published 1995 by Robin Squire
Softback, 48 pages on glossy A5 paper
Black and white photographs throughout


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Readers’ Comments on Mabel at Hastings

A wonderful glimpse into the bygone Hastings of my childhood


I gave this book to my granddaughter and we read it together- golden moments


Delightful, a treasure


I gave this charming book to my grandchildren for their 14th birthday present. There is so much to compare in teenage life then and now


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Mabel at Hastings


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    Hi Joanna. Thanks for your e mail reply last night. No I was not one of those that placed a previous reservation Please can you reserve a copy. Will sort out payment etc upon our return to Hastings Saturday. Kind regards Colin

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