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In MUCKERS British squaddie Jamie Bolt is critically wounded in Afghanistan during battle action with the Taliban in which he is making a heroic rescue of comrades who have been cut off during a fire-fight

Jamie goes into coma as field medics work to save him. In this mysterious subconscious state Jamie somehow finds himself communicating telepathically with his dying grandfather in hospital in England.
Field surgeons in Afghanistan work to save Jamie, who enters a coma

In England his grandfather, Quentin, is also in a coma. When Jamie communicates telepathically that he wants his grandad to tell him a story, as he used to at bedtimes when Jamie was a kid, a vivid and richly visual vicarious experience begins as the old boy relates key moments in his life when he too was 18 and doing his army National Service basic training – albeit in a ‘cushy’ posting in the 1950s.

When, during this extraordinary internal narrative – which is often funny, moving and revealing – they briefly come face-to-face in a mystical time-shift, it’s clear to both that one of them must die. But who? Unlike his grandson, the old man was never any kind of hero. Is he about to change his ways as the end draws near?

Requirements for Muckers

Main characters: 1 male aged 18, 1 mid-70s; 4 female from 17 to 40.

Locations: Afghanistan, UK (1950s and present day)

Muckers is a fine piece, very moving at times, remarkably evocative of those days which I remember with such affection. Moving between Old Bolt in the 1950s and Young Bolt in the present day is very touching and utterly integral, with everything slotted beautifully into place. What has happened to and is happening to the script?  It certainly deserves to be made into a TV or feature film. David Nobbs, Comedy writer (who completed 2 years’ National Service in the 1950s)
The Screenplay Muckers is Complete and Ready-to-Option


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