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The Dance of the Mantis

dance of the mantis

THE DANCE OF THE MANTIS is an inspiriting film of mystery, adventure, young romance and the potential healing powers of the subconscious mind, with a dash of magic and miracles to make this an enthralling adventure story for all the family.

The Praying Mantis Hero

A teenaged English girl skater, seemingly incurably injured in an accident on the ice, becomes fascinated on a visit to Namibia, south west Africa, by tales of the original Bushmen who used to live there, the potent ‘Medicine Dance’ they once performed on sick members of their people to cure them, and the apparent miracle-making qualities of their legendary ‘hero’ the praying mantis insect. This being the last summer the girl can get around without supervision as her physical incapacity worsens and her damaged eyesight deteriorates, a death-defying journey into the broiling thirstlands with a boy she meets leads to the dawning of young love and an incredible discovery in the depths of the rangelands, incorporating the benign collective spirit of the ancient Bushman and climaxing in a life-enhancing finale.


Main characters:  2 females (aged 15 and middle-aged); 3 males (14, 16 and middle-aged).


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The Dance of the Mantis


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